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Quail Hunting Calls

Regardless of how good a hunter might be with a gun in their hand, it is of little use if their chosen prey cannot be brought out into the open, or at least into a better position where they can get a decent shot away. That is why any type of device or decoy that can assist a hunter in tricking and arousing the curiosity of the quail, or indeed any game bird, into believing there is a reason for departing from the safety of heavy cover, has to be a valuable piece of apparatus to carry around, and the call is probably the most popular.

Quail calls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be manually operated by a simple blowing action, or electronically driven in a little more sophisticated manner. Either way they are all designed in their own unique manner to imitate certain sounds of the various species and can make an astonishing difference to the success levels of the hunts.

Most mouth-blown quail calls are created out of a type of heavy duty plastic material that fully optimizes performance, irrespective of any adverse weather conditions, which otherwise might render the device redundant. These versions are the cheaper option, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are of an inferior quality. It basically comes down to individual choice, some may consider it a little too much effort, but there is no question that the range of tones and sounds is far reaching and can be achieved by a simple blowing action, coupled with covering up different holes, almost in a flute type way.

The electronic quail calls are undoubtedly much easier to operate, and results wise, they do appear to deliver with more efficiency - but they can be quite pricey. Advanced technology combined with innovate designs have seen clever developments taking place and have led to something of a flood in the market. The mechanisms within these types of calls are automatic and have a terrific effect on the birds from a hunting viewpoint.

Accessories come and go, some useful, others just gimmicky, but from a quail hunting perspective, the calls, be they mouth-blown or electronic, can almost be regarded as being a real necessity to attain the success desired.

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