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Quail Hunting Clothing

Although actual quail hunting clothing is not as specific as it is in many other game sports, and as a consequence necessitates a smaller investment to kit oneself out, it does still have its own requirements which need to be adhered to in order to attain the desired rewards. Certain items are in effect just down to basic common sense, while others fall into the category of making sensible choices from various options, but everything is worn for the purpose of improving the whole quail hunting experience.

Footwear is obviously a major consideration. Boots are the order of the day and they really need to be of the lightweight variety, but sturdy enough to withstand long walks across unforgiving terrain. Leather uppers and soles plus excellent traction are a must, but above all else they have got to be comfortable. If there is any doubt in relation to snug fitting issues when first trying them on at the purchase stage, then in all honesty they probably are not right - and it will be too late once you are out and about miles from anywhere on a hunt, if they start to become progressively crippling. Ankle supports are a good idea for extra protection and waterproofing goes without saying, as nothing will make you want to give up and go home sooner than hiking around the countryside with wet and cold feet.

A top quality multi-purpose vest is most certainly a must when hunting quail. Pockets are very handy, but should come with flaps and loop closures to keep out the woodland branches and leaves. They need to be made of quite durable material: although mesh is popular, it can get shredded fairly quickly in heavily wooded areas. They should be in the standard and recognized hunter colour of orange for additional safety, especially when taking into account the quail's unpredictability of flight paths as many shots are fired at quite low heights. Innovate designs are flooding the market, but whilst increased features are welcome, they can add unnecessary weight, not to mention cost.

The above mentioned are the real essentials when it comes to quail clothing, although many choose "brush" pants to guard against thorns, as many of these birds can be found around locations full of thistles. This terrific pursuit has a level of skill, but these abilities will count for nothing if you are not dressed appropriately.

Quail Hunting Recommended Clothing