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Quail Hunting Equipment

When placed in comparison with other hunted game, the quail is less demanding on the enthusiasts personal needs in terms of required equipment, from both a compliant viewpoint - as regards rules and regulations - and from the necessity angle to maximize potential success. Quail hunting gear effectively consists of more essentials, with some of them being: a decent shotgun, quality clothing (a good vest with pockets and pouches for example), proper calls.

Undoubtedly the most important item of anybody's quail hunting equipment has to be the gun itself. Action is most definitely of less importance to things like reliability, weight and fit. If an individual is not comfortable with their weapon then it stands to reason that they are restricting and denying themselves their best opportunities for success. It needs to be lightweight for ease of carrying, in addition to permitting a user to bring it up to shoulder level and accurately point as quickly as possible. Pump-actions are thought to be the best, but other hunters show a preference for semi-automatics - it boils down to simple preferences.

From a clothing point of view, the boots are crucial, as once again these can have a massive impact on the day's proceedings. Cheaper versions are all well and good, but chances are they are less expensive for a reason and it may well prove to be false economy. The vests are important not just for warmth and protection from the elements and surroundings, but also for carrying the days catch.

A trusty four legged companion helps the enjoyment of a hunt and things like quail calls can also enhance the experience, but they are not imperative as part of your quail hunting equipment inventory. That said, any quail hunter worth their salt will familiarize themselves with the sounds and habitat of the birds. There are many different versions of these calls available to account for the various species in the quail family. They are easy to pick up and simple to operate, either manually or electronically, once again decided by individual preference.

Of course it always helps to do a little research - the equipment is widely referred to in the many quail hunting books that have been written on this particular form of game hunting. They can be immensely helpful and cover all manner of associated topics. It might not be essential, but like anything in life, being pre-armed with information can be the difference between success and failure.

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