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Quail Trapping

Once you have found the trapping area in which you will position your quail trap, surveys are recommended in order too find out the exact areas of the quail coveys and their feeding & watering areas. As for the baiting is concerned, we recommend using poultry scratch food but wheat, rice, onion and barley can be used. When choosing the right food you must take into consideration that the birds will feed most readily on the food that is common in that area (the area where the trap is placed).

The quail trap can be installed on wood blocks and it can be installed directly on the ground as well, if you prefer this way. After a couple of days, usually 2-3 days, the animal will become accustomed to the presence of the traps but observations are recommended in order to be sure this is the case and that they are feeding inside the quail traps. Once you have set up for trapping, the camouflage aspect shouldn’t be ignored, either.

The camouflage can be quite crude (3-4 branches laid across the top of the quail trap or a twig leaned around against the side of the trap) but restraint should be exercised because too much camouflage is far worse than too little and often makes the trap more detectable.

The baiting procedures must be continued as long as trapping is carried on. When actually trapping, the traps and the throats are strongly baited and the areas in front of the throats as well as the quail trails leading to the trap are lightly baited. The throats should be cleansed of all debris and should lie in a direct line with one or more quail runs.

The time for collecting the catch varies with the time of the year and the temperature in that area, as follows: when the weather is cooler and the sun comes up later, the collecting procedures should be done later and vice versa. It is advisable to do the collecting as soon as possible after the quails that have escaped have left the area. Quails expire quite readily if left exposed to the sun or intense heat, even for short periods of time which means that you shouldn't leave these bids very long in the traps during morning hours. Quails that are left in the traps a long time in the evening are most likely to become prey for predators.

Quail Trapping Video