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Quail Hunting Dogs

Quail hunting can be a very exciting and entertaining adventure but as most of you know quails are very fast and clever animals so hunting them can be very difficult. No matter how many quails you have hunted and through what hunting adventures you have passed so far, if you haven’t tried hunting quails with dogs that means you didn’t do everything. For some hunters, choosing their first hunting dog can be a dream came true, but hunting with borrowed hounds or along a friend is also possible. Nevertheless, having your own buddy you can teach and reward at the end of the day is undoubtedly a great feeling.

Still, training a dog to be skillful in hunting, always alert and ready to catch the prey is quite difficult. This process requires a lot of patience and devotion. While training your own dog creates a bound between the hunter and the hound, there also is an easier option – buying a hound that already knows the basic commands.

After choosing the appropriate breed for quail hunting, you should make sure that the dog has the right bird hunting instincts, which you can work on to improve them. Regardless of the breed, the fundamental obedience commands are decisive and this could be confirmed by any professional trainer. The basic commands the dog should know before going hunting are stay, sit, come, heel and who. The most important thing when training a dog is dealing with obedience.

There is a variety of breeds that are good at quail hunting. English Settlers, for example, are exceptional in thick cover, while Wirehaired Griffins are effective hounds. Probably the most common quail hunting dogs are Pointers, which are very good at covering a lot of ground on wide-open countryside areas.

Furthermore, an aspect sometimes neglected by dog owners is the fact that they require constant exercise. That is why taking it hunting one day is much more efficient and enjoyable for it than taking it for a walk. This will not only keep it in shape, but it will also make it become accustomed with the hardships of the wildlife.

To conclude, bringing a dog into the game can be challenging, but even more than this, it can be rewarding and it can lead to complete hunting fulfillment. And yet, it is not designed for everyone. So if you think you have gone through a lot of things and still haven’t tried dog hunting, think again.

Top 5 Quail Hunting Dogs

With a thin coat that allows them to stay cold in the heat, these English Pointers can chase quails endlessly. Their rhythm of work is fast and hard; they are very restrained in the sense that they can hold on as much as possible in order to seize the perfect moment to catch the quail. Although they are energetic dogs, mainly suitable for hunting, they can be also trained to be family dogs.

Brittany Spaniel
A great Spaniel breed, the Brittany has a good ability to point and retrieve. They are energetic and solidly built, without being heavy, though. They also have long legs and floppy ears, but they are sensitive to correction when being trained. Brittany is great for a hunting dog, as well as for living with a family.

German Shorthair Pointer
These dogs are highly intelligent and easy to train. They are known to have best smelling abilities of all the bird hunting dogs. The German Shorthair requires a lot of physical exercise and a lot of training. This loyal dog has athletic legs and the ears are long and floppy.

English Setter
Although the English Setter is known to be an affectionate and gentle dog, that does not mean it is less of a hunter. Although it has a mix of endurance and athleticism, the problems may around its coat. The main body coat is short to medium length, but it requires a lot of attention during heavy cover hunting. Having a great personality and ability to be trained, the Setter is a good dog for quail hunting. - Read more info
The Pointing Griffon is a strong and graceful hunting dog. It is a medium-sized rough-coated dog with a large and long head along with a square muzzle and bushy eyebrows. The dog’s neck is quite long, without dewlap and a skull that is the same length from the stop to the occiput as it is from the nose to the stop. The Wirehaired has large eyes with either brown or yellow irises. - Read more info

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